Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Drunken House Swap

Malvolio Claxendell persuades Percy Hackney (the Editor of Floreat Hova) to commission an article on his Da Vinci project.  It is Hedre who lands the job, and he and Claxendell meet at the snug of the ‘Never a True Word’ pub.  

The article is polished off in half an hour, and a few pints later they are consoling each other.  Hedre has huge debts accruing on the Regency pile and Claxendell hates Missikin’s spacious detached cell.  Well-oiled they agree to swap. Hedre and Tabitha can develop the spacious cell as their retirement studio, and Claxendell will take over the Regency pile.  

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