Monday, 9 September 2013

Decomposition (the amended script)

Shakespeare once asked himself, ‘What if the Hodge conjecture were true?’ He rewrote the final lines of Hamlet’s soliloquy, which then read, ‘Soft you now, fair Ophelia. The locus of all points on thy base where, O Nymph, the cohomology of thy fibre, in thy Orisons, is a Hodge class, then (be all my sins remembered) thy subset is algebraic.’ According to Henry Irving this version was a runaway successs in the Lyceum performance when Ellen Terry played the ghost of Mrs Lobochevsky. Yesterday Frab Lotus, joint-owner of Zangwill’s Bazaar of Curiosities, acquired the original amended script annotated by Ellen Terry.uzuli, and Bob Dylan. Simon de Montfort (the son) would have been proud.

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