Thursday, 19 September 2013

Obsessed with the Tannhauser Overture

Heine’s poem Elementargeister (1837) was one of Wagner’s inspirations for Tannhauser. When (at their mediation meeting) Huxtable explains this to Felix and Frab they are fascinated and the ice is broken. However when Huxtable learns that Felix has no connection with Scabby Felix (the Iron Grunge octet) he grovels abjectly (as one does).  He had been thumping out the Overture in annoyance that the group had ousted him from his weekly musical  slot at the ‘Never a True Word’ Pub,  Coincidentally Heine’s brother, Maximilian was a physician in St. Petersberg, and his grandson was the doctor who treated Sister Missikin’s father.

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