Thursday, 17 October 2013

Solomon's Way - Catch up (3)

Yadidiah predicts that 'The Way will be' (Solomon was famously trained in the Dao). When Gertrude returns to the convent it transpires therefore that the fattest cat, Khuru,has died. The nuns assemble for a special mass. Of the remaining nuns, only Sister Maleze still speaks fluent Latin (due to her frequent bouts of depression and her penchant for sacrimental wine, Gertrude calls her the Blue Nun). Sisters Porigamy, Metamoreful and Gretal are all bound by an oath of silence, Sister Perfectry is a little strange, and Sister Bebarabilia is from Huddersfield, so only Veracitude, Gertrude and Sister O'Higgins are really normal.

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