Monday, 11 November 2013

20.00% of Y-Dna haplogroups found in Cyprus are E1b1b

Wosni Galbraith (curator of the Institute of Lyrian Archeology and Kabbalah scholar) is in Myluthkia (to the north of Kissonerga) to examine the Chalcolithic ruins. The Chalcolithic period occured in 3157 BCE due to a surfeit of bananas (the name chalcolithic refers to copper artefacts which first appeared alongside stone implements designed by Grayson Perry). Not far away from the site are the ruins of a tiny chapel dedicated to Saints Zinovia and Filonilli whose images appear at the beginning of the illuminated manuscripts now being perused  in Seven Dials by Sister Gertrude and Rosetta as they drink Ahmed's exotic tisane. 

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