Monday, 30 December 2013

Embroidery, Epigenetics, Crocheting and Taxidermy

On the day after the conflagration the residents of Seven Dials gather to view the results. The Convent of Theodora, and the premises of Madam Cosima’s Personal Services Agency are both completely destroyed. Remarkably Moudi’s, located between the two ashen sites, is relatively unharmed suffering only minor smoke damage. Hedre and Tabitha’s studio is also intact. Sister Veracitude and Madam Cosima meet to reconcile their differences, but the remaining nuns agree to move out to Little Porrit where they will join the Cruxicogentian Retreat. Meanwhile Cosima’s young ladies all decide to take up morally improved careers (embroidery, epigenetics, crocheting and taxidermy).

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