Sister Veracitude’s List of Local Souls

  • Ahmed – son of Mahmoud Savi (the original patron of Moudi’s Emporium)
  • Madam Cosima, overseer of the Personal Services Agency
  • Sister Gertrude (provider of illustrations for Rosetta and Ahmed)
  • Rosetta, the most demure of Madam Cosima’s young ladies
  • Mandible Winkworth  - purchaser of Brass Ornament (*)
  • Reverend Lanzarote (*) - vicar of St. Scruples (C-of-E), secretly in love with Loretta
  • Malvolio Claxendell member of the Institute of Lyrian Archeology (*)
  • Hedre now bearded – partner of Tabitha Atributeho (*)
  • Yamima cleaning operative at Moudis and at Convent
  • Ailing Sister Missikin (has own expansive detached cell at Convent) – she is 96 and the oldest of the nuns
  • Telemachus – dreamer and legend-teller (*)
  • Sisters Ethel and Frida, Missikin’s carers (on her demise they leave and form a civil partnership),
  • Sister Maleze still speaks fluent Latin (due to her frequent bouts of depression and her penchant for sacrimental wine, Gertrude calls her the Blue Nun). 
  • Sisters Porigamy, Metamoreful and Gretal are all bound by an oath of silence, 
  • Sister Perfectry is a little strange
  • Sister Bebarabilia is from Huddersfield
  • Sister O'Higgins is really rather normal.
  • Loretta, the most popular of Madam Cosima’s ladies, follower of Ptolomaic Astrology (born in Twickenham)
  • Tabitha Atributeho, diminutive partner of Hedre (*)
  • Lucien Jung  (*)
  • Felix Karlosoroff, disconsolate silk-screen-printer owner of Landora, a huge Regency Edifice
  • Frab (Ferabdurus Lotus) – counter-tenor and Reikarial Therapist, civil partner of Felix, part-owner of Zangwill’s Bazaar of Curiosities
  • Yevgeny Huxtable, pianist and studio owner (*)
  • Cortally Bakewell – the other joint owner of Zangwill’s Bazaar.
  • Sister Veracitude – Mother Superior of the Cruxicogentes Convent of Theodora (Order of the Purple Relic)
  • Samuel Quinine, owner-manager of Yifitsin Print Bookshop
  • Kugarita Zinfandel - SavNat saleswoman and biographer (daughter of Rabbi Oud Ramonides) (*)
  • Oud Ramonides – Venerable Turkmenistan rabbi who translated the original Ugaritic text of the Holy Wayfinder (*)

(*) indicates people mentioned by Hedre in The Daily Cix)

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